Finally Friday Announcement

With the new change in lifestyle I need to announce that we are going to be having less Finally Fridays (as you have noticed by this month alone). I am still reading the blogs, still commenting and still trying to link up as much as possible. There is still debate on having a Weekend Link post to tie up the weekends, but that has yet to be decided.

Until then, please bear with me. There are lots of changes coming!


Finally Friday

Happy Friday y’all! Hope this week was as fantastic for you as it has been over here at our home! You ready for this weeks best-of-web post?

Finally Friday

Thanks to StumbleUpon and Twitter for helping me find lots of new blogs this week! This week’s Finally Friday will be the biggest one yet thanks to all of you! 

Finally Friday

Image stolen from Positively Present.


Finally Friday

  • Yahoo Shine had an article about a woman who has lived without money for 16 years and is happy. Don’t believe it can be done? Read her story HERE.
  • Over at Positively Present they posted about dealing with Grief and Loss. What a fantastic piece to read and to always keep in mind.
  • Julie Ann shared a fantastic recipe on her blog this week (she always has the best recipes!). I think I’ll be trying it out!
  • Over at the House of Smiths blog she shared her love for one of my old co-workers, Miss Becky Higgins, and her Project Life project. I love them both and this blog post is fantastic!
  • I love that Jen over at IheartOrganizing posted her window shopping post. Its a great addition to her blog and I love knowing where she’s finding these items!
  • I’ve got two baby showers this week, so when I got the e-mail for the post on Aesthetic Nest I was so excited to share!
  • Over at After Nine to Five she posted a fantastic post about gaining sponsors for your blog.
  • Check out this adorable nursery from Chic & Cheap Nursery…so cute for a little boy!

Finally Friday

  • Gala Darling posted an AWESOME article about calling it quits and what to do…check it out here!
  • Heather over at Heather’s Harmony posted about educational intuition – a fantastic piece for those thinking about college or have education on the mind!
  • Dani over at Positively Present posted a fantastic and blunt post about her thoughts and fears of 2012!
  • Julie Ann Art shares her Top 10 Posts of last year- I love ALL of them!
  • Have you seen the Chic & Cheap Nursery blog? If not, go check it out! I love it!

Finally Friday

Have any links to share? Post them below in the comments section!

Finally Friday

Finally Friday!

  • Positively Present posted about setting your dreams free. Inspriational and wonderful, as always!
  • Heather over at Heather’s Harmony posted about Being Happy – beautifully written!
  • Over on the House of Smiths Blog, she shares tips on how to take better photos!
  • Kaleah over at Little Cheif Honeybee shares Bar Etiquette 101 – Funny and honest!
  • Julie Ann Art is decorating for Christmas already- go check it out!
  • Have you seen the After Nine to Five “The Month’s Favorite Blog Post” Link Party?
  • Do you follow me on Tumblr yet? If not, you are missing out on cute photos, funny captions and life quotes.

Finally Friday- Black Friday Edition

Finally, it’s Friday! This week has been a great one for me, hope its been fantastic for you as well! After you wake up from your food coma, check out all the links in this weeks blog post!

Let me start by saying one thing: I HATE Black Friday. I think it is crazy, proof that people geniuinely do not care for others, and out of control. Now let me say this- I spent lots of time of the interwebs and put a spin on my own Black Friday. Now, enjoy!

*Note, none of these people are sponsors of my blog or have paid for any of this. I am simply in love with it!

  • Check out this Peppermint-Oreo Cookie Balls recipe! Don’t they look delicious?
  • Aren’t these sassy black and teal nails great?
  • I absolutely LOVE this Black ring!
  • This video takes away all the “dark and twisties” of being a Grey.
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