Bunny Love: Tips People Never Told Me

Taz at 8 weeks old

I’ve mentioned before that I am the mommy of a fur-baby; this is my baby boy Taz. He is a mini-lop/lion head breed bunny (75% mini-lop and 25% lion head- you can see the lion head when he lies down and when he was really little). We got him as a therapy animal for my depression, it was a suggested treatment for both of us and has worked quite well.

There are lots of things no one told me about bunnies and bunny care that I had to learn for myself. Instead of making you guys do the same, I figure I’ll post my best tips and tricks and share them with you.

  1. Yogurt treats from the pet store have been a waste with my bunny. He wont even give them the time of day. If you buy a cage kit from a pet store they may come with yogurt treats. Use that as your guide- he never grew into them and won’t touch them. He has also been given other snacks from the pet store that he just isn’t fond of, don’t buy a big pack if you can help it.
  2. Paper. My bunny LOVES paper! He has an “OCD” personality (each bunny has their own personality, and you have to decide which personality fits your bunny best), and he organizes his cage often. When we give him paper, he is a happy man. He will organize it into piles (stuffing it into corners, his log, or simply playing with them by tossing them around), shred them, or simply use them as extra bunny bedding. We use old phone books- they last forever!
  3. Salt Licks. No one told us to get one, we just kind of assumed that we should get one when we found Taz licking Bubba’s feet one night. We figured he didn’t have a foot fetish, so we got a salt lick for him- he hardly uses it but has helped his diet.
  4. You can potty train bunnies. No joke. Give them a bowl simply for feces and watch where they go potty in their cage. Put the bowl there and they’ll use the bowl just for potty trips. You need to change it out daily or they’ll quit using it, but it definitely helps with keeping their home clean and stink free.
  5. “Free range bunnies.” Lots of people let bunnies roam through the house. If you choose to do so, you need to keep them out for quite some time. We have to keep an eye on our furry one to make sure he doesn’t get into things he shouldn’t; wires, small spaces, behind big furniture (Where he could get stuck). We discovered early on he likes to nibble on the carpet, so we proactively play with him to avoid damage to the floors. We have toys for him simply for when he is out of his cage – empty coke-cola containers, lids, socks (he likes to play tug of war with them) and a bunny ball (a wicker ball with a bell in it).
  6. Snacks- fruits and veggies are the best. We did find one pet store treat he likes, its popcorn for bunnies! We heat them up in the microwave for 45 seconds and he loves it. Otherwise we give him oranges (we cut it into small slices so he doesn’t eat the peel), green beans, broccoli, celery, carrots and apples. He loves fruits and veggies and its helpful to us, because they smell good!

    Taz after a bath

  7. They say that bunnies need noises to help stimulate their minds and keep them from going stir crazy. If I’m not home for a few hours at a time or going to lie down for a nap during the day I turn on the television or my Itunes and put something on for him. It keeps him from acting up and misbehaving later.
  8. Get a bunny bath that you just need to spray and rub into their fur. We tried bunny bath (for the bathtub- THAT was a joke), we tried letting him bathe himself (the advice from the pet store we bought the cage from), but per the guy we bought our bunny from the spray and rub spray worked best for these little guys. Taz loves this because we cradle him, spray him, pet him to rub it in and then I give him a good, long brushing. He usually falls asleep, but loves it. He smells good all week!
     If only I would’ve known all of this when we first got our bunny I think we all would’ve had more fun sooner and enjoyed our times together instead of the ‘what is he doing?’, ‘what does he want?’ phases. What bunny advice did I miss? Do you have anything to add? Add your best bunny advice in the comments below!

Things I Love Thursday

It’s that time again, it is time for Things I Love Thursday! This week, I am loving …

My bunny. He can sense something’s up with me and hubs, so he’s been super snuggly and lots of fun to play with this week. He’s also been like me, nesting! For those who don’t have bunnies (or do but don’t know) some bunnies are OCD. They organize and rearrange everything they can, so while I’m cleaning the house, he’s organizing all the paper we’ve given him to rip and shred. It’s quite cute!

I’m also loving the new blog traffic since I announced I am going to start medi-blogging again! Thanks to all of you who have stopped by to check out the blog, the newer site, the updates, etc.

This week has been AWESOME on Pinterest. I have found tons of recipes, tons of great ideas and so much more!

I’m so thankful for a one-day work week! Holiday one day and called off the other day I was scheduled to work. This has been super wonderful, because per my OB’s nurse, I was having some pretty legit contractions on Tuesday night. This was hard to hear, but having the day off work has been nice so that I could relax and take care of baby and I.

Speaking of… I love this photo… I’m not sure where I found it…but I’ve had it in my photo cache for the longest time.

 What do YOU love on this beautiful Thursday?


Things I Love Thursday

  • My new (read: fixed and finally able to use) desk chair! Hubs got it from work for $20, it’s really nice, but was missing a wheel, making it very dangerous to sit in. We finally got it fixed in time for my blog launch!
  • Christmas stations on Pandora!
  • Super-soft socks
  • My bunny and his obsession with paper- he loves it. Shredding it, tossing it, organizing it. He’s a happy little man.
  • People who have no relation to you treating you like family.
  • Craft ideas from Tumblr and Stumbleupon!
  • Homemade Broccoli-Cheese Soup made by my mother-in-law (and brought over! How sweet is she?!)
  • Glitter nail polish!