Finally Friday Announcement

With the new change in lifestyle I need to announce that we are going to be having less Finally Fridays (as you have noticed by this month alone). I am still reading the blogs, still commenting and still trying to link up as much as possible. There is still debate on having a Weekend Link post to tie up the weekends, but that has yet to be decided.

Until then, please bear with me. There are lots of changes coming!


Things I Love Thursday

It’s that time again, it is time for Things I Love Thursday! This week, I am loving …

My bunny. He can sense something’s up with me and hubs, so he’s been super snuggly and lots of fun to play with this week. He’s also been like me, nesting! For those who don’t have bunnies (or do but don’t know) some bunnies are OCD. They organize and rearrange everything they can, so while I’m cleaning the house, he’s organizing all the paper we’ve given him to rip and shred. It’s quite cute!

I’m also loving the new blog traffic since I announced I am going to start medi-blogging again! Thanks to all of you who have stopped by to check out the blog, the newer site, the updates, etc.

This week has been AWESOME on Pinterest. I have found tons of recipes, tons of great ideas and so much more!

I’m so thankful for a one-day work week! Holiday one day and called off the other day I was scheduled to work. This has been super wonderful, because per my OB’s nurse, I was having some pretty legit contractions on Tuesday night. This was hard to hear, but having the day off work has been nice so that I could relax and take care of baby and I.

Speaking of… I love this photo… I’m not sure where I found it…but I’ve had it in my photo cache for the longest time.

 What do YOU love on this beautiful Thursday?


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