Product Review: Wet 2 Straight

This is the Remington Wet 2 Straight Straightener. I LOVE this product and use it almost every day! I have naturally wavy hair, plus it takes me forever to dry my hair in the mornings before work, and this product helps me get my hair dry and straight!

The Wet 2 Straight helps straighten wet hair (or damp, depending on how hot you set it) and leaves it shiny once you’re done! The only downside is that if you put your hand over the top of it where the vents are (easy to do if you’re trying to juggle) you will burn your hand (just a steam burn, nothing too terrible!). I’ve been using this product for years now and it is by far the best investment in my bathroom!

There is one thing that makes this product that much better… it is only $15 at Wal-Mart (I’ve seen it for about $20 at Target and Ulta)!


Medical Fashion: Going Green

Medical Fashion: Going Green

Fashion must be in my Blood

Maybe it is just because my Grandma is an artist- but she is so totally fashionable! I found some photos from the 60’s-80’s with my family in it, and discovered that her fashion sense has always been fabulous! I was lucky enough to get copies of the slides (my grandpa is also an amazing photographer) and wanted to share them with you!

This first photo struck me as funny- this is my sense of style as well! Sport jacket, jeans and fun socks! I absolutely love that grandpa was able to capture this on photo!

This photo just stuns me. Not only am I totally in love with her outfit (a white, lacy top and the pink and white chevron skirt!), but that shes on the floor cleaning up just makes me smile. Also, the fact that grandpa thought that was photo-worthy made me smile.

I love this sweater. This whole photo had to have been planned, the perfection of the sweater, the colors, the background, it is all so perfect! I also love that this is such a calm photo- no evidence of the chaos I know my mother and aunt were causing for her.

This has to be one of my favorite photos EVER. I love all of their outfits, but the facial expressions of everyone fits their personalities so well! (Suzanne is like me, happy to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else be silly.) Again, grandma and I are sharing style, (jeans and a t-shirt!). My mom’s red hair? I’ve been considering going that exact color for a while now. I may just do it soon!

Farrah Faucet hair! That mixed with the cute knitted vest and blouse is adorable! LOVE IT.

I adore this photo of my mom and my Aunt. This is from the early 80’s, but is so totally adorable. (I probably love it so much because this is who I see whenever I look at them!) There is an entire photo series that grandpa took of these, and this one is my favorite because we all know they were cracking jokes and laughing at grandpa, who is behind the lens.

Now for a lack of fashion sense. This is a Christmas morning photo. Everyone looks so cute- however, look at my Uncle in the right hand corner. I’m pretty damn sure he borrowed that robe from Huge Hefner. He is the fashion black sheep in our family.

Is your family full of fashionistas? Have fun photos to share?
If you post them send me a link- I love looking at old photos and of fantastic fashion!

Secrets from my Pinterest Account:

I LOVE Pinterest. It is my favorite addiction. I absolutely love the concept of it, the organization and the plethora of ideas! I have tricks and tips on how to utilize my Pinterest account and I wanted to share one of my secrets with you.

See this pinboard? Hardly any of these recipes were picked out by me.
So how did you get there do you wonder?

Every few nights I hand over the laptop to my husband and ask him to browse the Food and Recipes area on Pinterest. He picks out the recipes he likes and “hearts” them. When he’s finished I go through the recipes he’s pinned, check them out and if they are possible in our kitchen I repin them onto my board.

Here’s why I do it. My husband is a VERY picky eater. Anything I’d pick he probably wouldn’t eat, so I let HIM pick what he wants and then go from there. I love this idea for the two of us, because then we avoid dinner time dramas.

Also- I have yet to try a recipe that we both didn’t like and that didn’t turn out wonderful.

So, if you ever need guy friendly recipes that work- check my recipe Pinboard. And if you have your spouse or the men in your life do the same let me know, I want to see what your men have pinned for us ladies!

Spring Trend Watch: Yellow

Untitled #18

Spring Trend Watch: Stripes

Spring Trend Watch: Stripes

Medical Fashion: ECG Sweetie

Medical Fashion: ECG Sweetie

What’s In my Bag?

What's In my Bag?

Spring Fashion Trend: Polka Dots

Spring Fashion Trend: Polka Dots

Spring Trend Watch: Neon Pink

Neon Pink
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