Secrets from my Pinterest Account:

I LOVE Pinterest. It is my favorite addiction. I absolutely love the concept of it, the organization and the plethora of ideas! I have tricks and tips on how to utilize my Pinterest account and I wanted to share one of my secrets with you.

See this pinboard? Hardly any of these recipes were picked out by me.
So how did you get there do you wonder?

Every few nights I hand over the laptop to my husband and ask him to browse the Food and Recipes area on Pinterest. He picks out the recipes he likes and “hearts” them. When he’s finished I go through the recipes he’s pinned, check them out and if they are possible in our kitchen I repin them onto my board.

Here’s why I do it. My husband is a VERY picky eater. Anything I’d pick he probably wouldn’t eat, so I let HIM pick what he wants and then go from there. I love this idea for the two of us, because then we avoid dinner time dramas.

Also- I have yet to try a recipe that we both didn’t like and that didn’t turn out wonderful.

So, if you ever need guy friendly recipes that work- check my recipe Pinboard. And if you have your spouse or the men in your life do the same let me know, I want to see what your men have pinned for us ladies!

Finally Friday

Happy Friday y’all! Hope this week was as fantastic for you as it has been over here at our home! You ready for this weeks best-of-web post?

Last Minute Decor Ideas!

I have been pinning and loving all the holiday decor ideas on Pintrest! Here are the links so that you can check them out and make them (most take less than 30 minutes!) in time for the holidays!

To Make:

Holiday Odds and Ends:


DIY Making Plastic Bins Prettier

I finally found a DIY that was incredibly easy and useful for me! Here is the photo inspiration, found on Pintrest.

I covered the insides of my plastic bins with pretty paper to make them easier on the eyes.I used old maps, they matched well!

To do, I used modge podge against the inside of the drawer, then cut my paper and glued it to the face of the drawer on the inside. After it was nearly dry I trimmed the edges and glued down any odds and ends that weren’t quite pasted down right away.

At this time I cannot seem to find my camera or I’d post photos of it, but its all done the same in the photo as well.

So cute!

Christmas Decor Inspiration

DIY: Holiday Hair Clips

I have four neices and they are all VERY girly! They love hair ribbons, bows, anything pink and getting glitzy and glammed up. For Christmas this year I am attempting to do as much DIY as possible, and after finding these flowers (made for decoration on trees) at the craft store, I knew they’d make perfect hair clips for my neices!

What you’ll need:
Flowers: These were found at Michaels for about $4 each. They only come in the colors shown (I bought two packs, they come in packs of four).
Hair Clips: I buy these in bulk at Hobby Lobby for about $3 for a pack of them. Watch for sales, because you can really get alot of clips for dirt cheap.
Hot Glue Gun & Glue: If you do not have one, you can buy them for cheap anywhere. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $6 (including a bunch of sticks) and I love it.
Ribbon: Any color you’d like would do, and you won’t use much of it. If buying ribbon, you’ll use less than what is on the .99 cent spools.

With these, they have some gold twisties on the back, as well as the backing to the flower (the green stem). These are there because they weren’t meant for hair bows, so what you’ll need to do is CHOP IT OFF. I used my trauma shears because they were pretty sturdy and difficult to cut off with my little dinky desk scissors. The closer you can get to the base of the flower, the better they will adhere later.

The next step is to prep your hair clip.  I found some old ribbon in my stash that was a glittery red and glued it around the top of my hairclip. I do this because otherwise it wont slide in as easily when placed, snags on hair and is difficult to glue your flower onto the clip. Also, it simply makes it look prettier.

You’ll need to glue them at a slight angle, so I place more glue closer to the handle of the clip . You’ll place the flower on there, but place it at the angle. Hold for ten seconds. Let the hot glue dry.

There you have it! A flower hair clip that takes just a few minutes to do! I tried them out on myself and really like how they look in a ponytail! For those of you who have to work with your hair pulled up, these make quite a cute holiday statement!

If you are adventurous like I am and want to branch out onto other things aside from flowers, it is quite easy. I bought a pack of flat snowflake ornaments from Michaels (about $2). The only difference was the color ribbon I used on the hair clip and just making sure I adhered the snowflake snug between the clip base.

EFT, Tapping and Destressing Your Life

Have you ever heard of ‘tapping it out?’ I hadn’t until I took a Foods and Nutrition Class from a very New Age and au-natural professor. One of our last classes before finals was cut short and she told us that if we wanted to stay we could learn some new and interesting techniques to help calm ourselves and relieve stress. Anyone who knows me, knows that I needed this, so I decided to stay afterwards.

My first experience was interesting, to say the least. She explained to us that the technique was called “EFT”, Emotional Freedom Technique, and that it required tapping and chanting. We did it on ourselves, and then she sat in front of a student who was very obviously anxious. After a five minute period of simply tapping, chanting mantras and focusing positive energy the student began to cry. The student explained it was a good cry, and that she felt as if she finally could let out her emotions. Our professor explained that it was just that, opening up the mind, the body and your spirit so that you can rid of stress and detoxify your mind.

I was fascinated, so I took to the internet to search more on it. After so long I discovered the EFT website and signed up for their newsletter. I highly recommend everyone do so, even if you don’t like the tapping, their quotes and inspirational messages and stories are fantastic. (Note: Sometimes filters shove the newsletter into the spam box, so check there if they don’t show up!)

It has been a year since I first learned about it, and have had the chance to try it out, finding that the power of the mind is more powerful than anything else imaginable. With the holidays coming up I wanted to share this with you, because of the benefits I have seen and experienced from it. People have used it in cases of stress and overwhelming feelings, as well as with injuries, I have seen patients tapping to avoid pain and discomfort. The founder of EFT says that this technique can be used to treat nearly any emotional issue.

To preform it:

You can do it on yourself or on others, and requires a form of “self-acupuncture” by tapping on certain areas of your face, chest and shoulders using your index and middle fingers. Clicking on the photo will enlarge an image of all these exact spots.  These areas are trigger points that some say hold emotional  stress. While tapping these areas you are to repeat a mantra of your choosing, a very common one being; “Even though I feel anxious/depressed, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Other Mantras to Try: (These mantras were found via Google and Tumblr)

  • Even though I have carried all these beliefs about money and happiness way to long; I completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I believe, I shall forever only know Lack and Sadness; I love and accept myself.
  • Even though I am not doing things, I should be doing, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though my mother called me as child a whore, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I put submitting my writing off, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though, I feel powerless I step into my own power.
  • Even though I believe I am not loved and supported, I deeply and completely love and support myself.
  • “Even though I don’t feel worthy, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Many studies have been published showing positive outcomes with EFT and tapping, however the general consensus from both critics and fans of this technique call it Energy Psychology, meaning focusing any positive energy can produce these outcomes.  Critics claim that this indeed does work, however, they argue that it works because it causes a distraction from the root problem.

Whatever the argument or study may be, this has been proven to help ease pain, anxiety, and discomfort. I suggest you try it out!

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