10 Weird Things About Me

I LOVE lists (and according to all the great articles out there on gaining readership, you do too)!  I am a VERY unique person and figured that it would be fun to do a list about the 10 best things that make me unique!

  1. Believe it or not, I can lick my elbow. I’m sure you’ve read that it is physically impossible, however, I have a torn shoulder and can dislocate my shoulder, making it totally possible to cross my arm over my chest and lick my elbow.
  2. I can play the piano, however I cannot read sheet music. I learned how to do it by ear, making it even more fun to play, but very frustrating for everyone who tried to teach me how to play.
  3. Once upon a time I was a Girl Pro (Cruiser) BMXr. People don’t believe me most of the time- but that’s how I broke my hand, my collarbone and managed to tear the muscles in both my shoulders, making it possible to lick my elbow.
  4. I am freakishly good at first person shooter video games. Girls shouldn’t be as good as I am at games like Halo and MW3. This does get the attention (and lots of fan mail) from guys when I play online, but I only enjoy playing with my husband, so the fans can only do so much.
  5. My two best friends are my husband and my little brother. Both of whom go by the nickname “Bubba.” They both can quote movies like no one I have ever met and can make me laugh til I cry.
  6. I am one of the only people who can admit when something I like sucks. For example, my sports teams. I can admit when they suck, even though I hate it.
  7. I HATE taking medications. This drives my doctors nuts because they will write me a prescription and I refuse to take it, but I just don’t like taking them and if I can live without it, won’t do it.
  8. As “normal” of a life as I live, I am fascinated and adore the New Age lifestyle. I find it all quite fascinating and do lots of research on it in my spare time. This ties into my belief that I am my zodiac- I even have the Aries tattooed my hip.
  9. I’ve broken over 7 bones in my body without knowing it. Don’t even get me started on listing the muscles I’ve torn without knowing it. We discover these breaks years later, after they’ve healed when checking another issue (or preventative for work, a doctor ran over my foot with a gurney and I had to get an X-ray or my foot and discovered that I had broken 4 bones in my foot without knowing it!)
  10. I feel most comfortable in a black tee and jeans. No matter what, I love that look and will always fall back on it.
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  1. I love this list, I didn’t know pretty much any of these things about you! Congrats on your new little man, I’m hoping to come by and see you all soon!


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