Baby Update – Before the OB’s Office Visit

It’s been a crazy few days and I haven’t really wanted to post much (thankfully I have a lot of posts in queue so that if the mood doesn’t strike that you will have something to read!). There’s been a lot of worry, wonder, what-if’s and more.

Thursday we went into the OB’s office and got checked again. We found that everything was going well, if I was to deliver at 40 weeks. Since I have risks factors that make the doctor want to induce me earlier (she wants me to deliver between 37-38 weeks), things are going slower than she wants. She checked everything, labs, cervix, the whole nine yards and told us to come back on Monday. For the first time in weeks my BP was boarderline instead of being incredibly high.

She informed us that unless my water broke over the weekend (which she mentioned was a very good possibility), to come back on Monday for a re-evaluation and to hopefully determine a due date (FINALLY!).

Friday night I had had just about enough of bedrest and begged my husband to take me with him grocery shopping. We agreed that after 10 pm on a Friday night that Wal-Mart wouldn’t be busy and would be ideal for my now very slow pace. We made a list, found coupons and price matched our items and headed out. It was nice, almost no one was there shopping (teenagers galore, but they were just wandering, looking for things to do and buying junk food), and we were able to get our items with no problems.

Once we got to check out I started contracting. It happens when I’ve been up for too long and since it had been happening at work, was the reason that I was on bedrest this long. I didn’t think much of it and we got to the car and got me home. Bubba took care of carrying everything in and he ordered me to lay down ASAP, mainly because I was worrying him.

As the night progressed so did the contractions. I drank lots of fluids. Ate a banana and peanut butter. Laid on my side. Drank more fluids. Sat in a hot tub. Took Tylenol. Nothing helped. At 3 am I grabbed my computer to start googling when to go into the hospital. My contractions were 30 seconds long, and I couldn’t tell if they ever stopped, but they peaked every 2 minutes. I couldn’t find any definitive information on when to go in and I didn’t want to call the on-call OB. 4 am my computer overheated and crashed and I broke down, shaking, scared, worried. Bubba woke up to me swearing at it and came in and sat with me for a moment. All I could do was panic even more when he suggested I go in.

What did I do? Drank more water and gatoraide and took a Tylenol PM. I slept like a rock (til almost 1pm the next day! I never do that!). When I awoke I was feeling much better. Bubba woke me up at that point and made me eat something, and told me that I wouldn’t be going ANYWHERE anymore. As depressing as it was to be told that- I knew what he meant and why he said it. I agreed.

Saturday and Sunday I seemed to have fallen into the narcoleptic part of pregnancy. The part where I cannot sleep for the life of me, until I pass out. I figure my body is getting to the point where it is prepping for late nights and waking up for hour long feedings, but it is still a different change of pace for me and leaves me feeling weird at different points of the day. Saturday and Sunday were spent playing lots of video games with my husband, watching movies and all the various sports games on TV. Honestly, it was a fantastic weekend, and as Bubba puts it “our last kid-free weekend.”

That intimidates the hell out of me.

Today we go back into the OB after Bubba gets off work. He and I schedule all my appointments so that he can be there, so we have one of the last appointments of the day. I’ve been told by him to pack our hospital bag, just in case. We both think we will get sent home today and told to come back tomorrow for the induction, but he’s feeling quite cautious and doesn’t want us to have to make the trip back home unless we absolutely have to.

I’m not going to lie. I’m terrified. Scared to death. Worried. People keep telling me that it’ll be okay, that it will all come naturally. People tell me that it’s the same thing I did when I worked at a nursing home, except in smaller, cuter form. People tell me that they’ll be around to help me, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still intimidated by this little person.

I’ll post more when I can, but until then, keep safe. If you have any advice or words of wisdom, please post it below in the comments section! I need as much help as I can get!


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