A Baby Update

We went to the OBGYN yesterday to see how the baby is doing. I am somewhere between 34-36 weeks (the specialist’s last ultrasound says I’m 36, but my regular Ob says that I’m 34 weeks). We haven’t even started our weekly visits yet, but we talked the OB into checking my cervix and doing an exam like she would at 37 weeks.

She agreed and had me get changed. We heard the heartbeat and she felt my cervix. To her surprise I have been contracting (real contractions, but not true labor), and she stated she was shocked that my water hadn’t broken yet. Afterwards she sat us down and talked to us about what to expect and what to plan for.

Since I have been a high risk pregnancy she wanted to send me back to the specialist and have another ultrasound as well as a ‘non-stress pacing’ done on the baby. We were high risk at first due to my Von Willenbrands (a bleeding disorder), then due to low fluid levels with the baby. The doctor says she thinks everything will be fine, but she wanted to walk to me about my thoughts on being induced early, since baby was already as far as he is.

Frankly, I am just fine with being induced early, because medically my baby is healthy and will still be born healthy. Also, it will give us a for-sure due date and a set game plan. I go in on my induction date, get the drugs, and if he isn’t here in 24 hours, I’ll be getting a C-Section.

Next week we go to the specialist and my regular OB. We will know by then what the game plan is.

I am so excited!

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