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The 10 Best Soccer Tweeps

I am a major soccer fan, and specifically a major Real Salt Lake fan. (Aside from Euro soccer of course, which is superior to everyone else’s teams!) I love the sport, the players, the teams and the fans. By having a twitter account I have been able to connect with lots of other fans online… and here is the list of who I think belongs in the Top 10…

  1. TheCrossbarRSL – This guy is an awesome RSL fan, who loves the sport and posts not only stats, reports and serious information, but provides us with a plethora of snarky and hilarious tweets as well.
  2. GingeFC – I LOVE this account. He is a well educated individual who follows the MLS as a whole and reports lots of findings and rumors.
  3. KIRSoccer – He doesn’t tweet much, but when he does, it is pure gold.
  4. Hisco5- This guy is actually a Rev’s fan, but covers soccer as a whole from a fan standpoint. I love his tweets because they are quite funny, adding to the humor of the lack of talent from the MLS refs.
  5. RSL_Jeremy – If you are looking for a fan-style play-by-play of the games, this is the guy to follow.
  6. MLSRumors – The best rumors for EVERYTHING in the MLS. They appreciate snarky comments, witty reviews and educated remarks and retweet lots from the fans in the MLS.
  7. RSLShow – This guy is one of the few clean RSL fans out there. He posts what we are all saying in our heads, but clean. Check out his profile, if the photo doesn’t sum his tweets up, nothing else will.
  8. SaltyGunner- Another RSL fan who posts clean, but also takes on tweeting about the euro leagues. I’ve had the chance to meet this guy, he’s a great person to follow!
  9. SaltcityUnited- This is one of the fan clubs that really brings out the other side (aka the dark side) of Salt Lake City. They are blunt, loud, and forward…how else do you want them?
  10. RealSaltLake – This is the twitter account for Real Salt Lake. I added them because they post play-by-plays during the games, which is such a conveience if you cannot watch the games yourself.

Finally Friday

Things I Love Thursday

It’s that time of the week again! Time for Things I LOVE Thursday!

I have a thing for Crazy Bright Eye shadows… wish I could pull this beautiful trend off!

I LOVE Rottweiler puppies! Makes me miss my puppy growing up. One day we will adopt one, until then, I’ll enjoy the photos!

Aside from the font, this is the tattoo I want to get next. Being someone who has struggled with depression and cutting, this would be a perfect reminder to be strong, even with the scars.

I would LOVE to know how to do this! If anyone can find a link on how to, please send it to me!

What do you love on this TILT?

Things I Want to Learn To Do: Cook

This is a blog series that I wanted to begin that I found to be quite inspirational for myself. It is inspirational because I had to take the time to decide what I wanted to do, then research it. This made me want to do it even more, and I wanted to blog about it.

Believe it or not, I can barely cook. What I can make is good, but I am scared to death of cooking and want to learn how to do it.

When I was in my early teens I was given a kid friendly cookbook. The recipes were all easy, rice krispies, sugar cookies, pizza on a ritz cracker, etc. I made them all, except for one, with ease. That one, was a kid-friendly-super-easy fudge recipe. I followed the recipe, made my mom double check my work…and somehow… I made ice cream.

Not kidding. Wish I was.

I was never taught how to cook. It was just expected of me to learn how to cook. I was taught simple things, how to cook a potato in the microwave, how to boil pasta, and how to make stir-fry from a bag. My parents didn’t really pay any attention to the fact that I was clueless in that department, and until I moved in with my husband, I didn’t realize how clueless I was either.

When it comes to cooking I come from a family where the cooks don’t know HOW they cook, they just do. I asked my Oma how to make her roladen, her potato dumplings, her red cabbage. She couldn’t tell me. When I’ve snuck over to holiday parties early so I could watch her do it, she had it done before I got there. As far as I know, she has a fairy make it all for her. My mother in law is fairly similar, she doesn’t measure ANYTHING when she makes it, so getting a recipe from her is like pulling teeth.

I see cooking as a science, and frankly, aside from the clinical aspects of medicine, I suck at science. Chemistry, Pharmacology, all of that scares me to death, and so does baking a cookie from scratch.

Since I got married I’ve tried a few times to get the hang of it, to try to make foods from scratch, but I really struggle with it. Somehow my beef stroganoff turned into a mushroom soup and ground beef patty (seriously, it was nasty), my homemade sugar cookies were bricks when I pulled them from the oven and I double checked my recipe three times (and googled it to make sure it was correct!). My poor husband has to put up with this trail and error- and the worst part is. I am going to try to learn to cook again instead of giving up and doing the “easy” dishes we have been doing for the last few months.

This is something I want to learn how to do: COOK.

(Also, bake, make homemade treats such as breads, candies, etc.)

Grandma’s Ethnic Christmases

My grandmother is a special woman, she is very cultured, very “high class” so to speak. Growing up, Grandma wasn’t into the whole traditional grandmother scene. She didn’t bake us chocolate chip cookies and take us to the park to play. Grandma took us to the museum, to art galleries, to the opera and symphony.

So it’s not that shocking that she refused to do a traditional all-American Christmas. Grandma did ETHNIC Christmases.

What exactly is an ethnic Christmas?

An ethnic Christmas is where we place all sorts of countries in a bowl and draw one out. Then, depending on the country that we drew we would serve food from that country, read traditional stories from that country, share artwork and receive gifts that would be traditional for that country.

Grandma isn’t popular with my dad and uncle when it comes to gifts; she gives boxes of rice and bags of oranges. In her defense, I probably would give them oranges over a bad tie any day too. When it came to ethnic Christmases they were definitely not big fans, but they did provide hilarious commentary.

We did this for quite a few years, the countries we drew out were Canadian (yes, they have different traditions than us apparently!), German (not a huge one for me since I am 75% German anyways and celebrate a traditional German Christmas yearly), Swedish, Nordic, Spanish and English. When we drew out France my grandpa put an end to this tradition, he refused to eat anything French, no matter how good or bad it was.

At first it was dull, and I really struggled to appreciate it. I wanted a NORMAL Christmas, but Grandma wanted her family to be well educated and appreciative of what we have. So we went with it. The first year wasn’t so bad, nor was the second year, and frankly, I didn’t appreciate it until we got to the third year, our Swedish Christmas.

This was the year that Grandma found ornaments from that country. This was the one I received, and as odd as it looks, I really liked it. We had Swedish meatballs for dinner and joked about how we should’ve had a family field trip to Ikea to help celebrate the season. From there on, it just kept getting more interesting.

The next year my Grandma shared stories from Norway, their traditions, beliefs and values. We learned about the vikings, about the mythology of the Vikings and how they celebrated Christmas. The next Christmas was a Spanish Christmas, and I was so excited to learn more about people. For whatever reason, people fascinated me.

Spanish Christmas came with rice, beans, and chips. My Uncle suggested we go to Cafe Rio instead of Grandma’s for Christmas dinner, my dad joked about how we could’ve hired a hispanic to cook for us. We listened to Feliz Navidad and for the first time, we all got into it. Our stockings were filled with Rice again and cans of beans. We laughed it off.

The last ethnic Christmas we had was an English Christmas. This was a big one for Grandma, who is big into our family history. She told us all about our ancestors and how they celebrated Christmases in England. We listened to Christmas carols sung with a Geordie accent. We got ornaments and knock-off Burberry scarves.

That next year, when Grandpa drew the line for the French Christmas was also the last healthy Christmas Grandma had. Her other kidney started to fail her and it was difficult for her to get into the holiday season. She ordered pizzas the next year for dinner, we listened to traditional music, Grandpa fell asleep watching the nightly news and we got notebooks and journals for Christmas. I miss those ethnic Christmases. I miss learning about people, and most of all I miss Grandma’s eyes light up as we all sat in her living room, listening to her and Grandpa read the stories and mythology she researched.

If you ever have a chance to have an ethnic Christmas, I highly recommend it. Even if it is just for one year, it is very unique and very fun.

Music Monday: My Holiday Playlist

When it comes to the holidays, there is LOTS of music, and all of it is so good! How could I possibly list all those great tunes in just a few short weeks? Easy! Post my playlist here! Here it is ladies and gentlemen …

We Need A Little Christmas – Glee Cast

Silent Night – Sara Ramirez

Where are you Christmas – Faith Hill

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Winter Wonderland – Darius Rucker

Christmas Dreams – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

Christmases when you were Mine – Taylor Swift

Carol of the Bells – Mormon Tabernacle Choir


What are some songs on your holiday playlist?

5 Pet Peeves

There are some things that really get to me, and some things I can learn to let go, this is my list of the 5 Biggest Pet Peeves of mine!

1. Bad Drivers – Let me begin by saying that I was raised by a director of safety and risk management. In order to get my drivers license my dad made me take a summer drivers ed course (twice as long as normal drivers ed), watch videos from insurance companies (they’re free and ship them to you upon request) and even take a safety course that semi drivers take in order to begin their jobs. I know how to drive safe.

What bothers me is when people don’t even take into consideration other drivers. It’s one thing to drive stupid when you are the only one in the car and on the road, but by cutting someone off, tailgating and excessive speeding, you put your passengers and other drivers in danger. How can you live with yourself knowing that? The biggest pet peeve is people who drive stupidly with children in the car. Honestly, I feel if you are a bad driver, get in an accident and your child is in the car, that you should be able to be cited for a form of neglect.

2. Chewing with your mouth open– Aside from young children this peeves me more than anything. It’s disgusting, it is nasty, and it is gross. Close your damn mouth! Ick! I just got done with a nanny job for a 16 year old female who chewed with her mouth open and sucked food loudly out of her braces. It was so difficult not to snap at her. Ick, ick, ick!

3. Santa Toilet Seat Covers – My mother in law has one. I have a very difficult time with this one, because I find it creepy. I’ll sit and stare at the toilet, bladder full, not able to pee. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does. I’ve begged and pleaded with my mother in law not to put it on her toilet this year, but alas. She has.

4. Illiterate People – It is NOT that difficult to be literate. It is NOT that difficult to take those extra few seconds to type in the full word, instead of using “text” or “IM” language. It really bothers me when I log onto facebook and someone has posted a rant about their “naboors” (neighbors), or when they’re so excited to go to a concert (OMG Im gunna c Tay Tay Swift!!!). It has gotten to the point that I will (and will continue to) delete people over it. It is NOT that difficult to be literate!

5. Too- Loud Music – You go to the club and the bass is loud, I get it. It’s enjoyable, you can feel the beat, and most of all, it’s appropriate. There are places where it is totally fine to listen to music that is too loud; concerts, sporting events, drag races, hell, even some stores at the mall. But my pet peeve is when people listen to too-loud music in inappropriate places, such as your apartment at 2 am on a Wednesday night. When the photos on my walls are shaking, it’s too loud!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind terribly when it’s a Friday night, but it best be off by 11pm. My upstairs neighbor knows this all too well, we have to call the cops on him every three days due to his loud music. Believe it or not, the bass and vibrations can cause nausea and vomiting, making others ill. So if you listen to your music too loud, do us all a favor and TURN IT DOWN.

Holiday Nail Cheer

I don’t know about you guys, but I always struggle to find nail inspiration for the holidays. Plain old red or green is easy, but just too predictable!

After lots of time surfing the interwebs I found some adorable nail shades and art for the holidays, enjoy!

I’m a BIG fan of blues for Christmas. I think these shades are so pretty! (Add some snowflake nail stickers for an extra flair!)

This shade of black is perfect for any outfit!

White, Glittery nail polish. Fresh, cute, and perfect for snowy days!

I’m an English junkie, so I absolutely love “Newspaper nails.” Per a friend who does this often, magazine and ad paper works well too! She did an entire nail polish ad on hers!

Hope you found some nail art inspiration! If not, find some and post a link to share with others below!

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