Things I LOVE Thursday

This week I have been on a medical kick, and you can tell from my tweets, blog posts and tumblr page. Let me tell you a little secret, I used to be a medical (EMS) blogger, and this week I have been missing it. Going with the theme of this week as it is, here is my medically related TILT.

  • New scrubs. Nothing makes you feel better than tossing on a pair of new, clean, recently ironed scrubs. Fresh. Non-stained scrubs. The kind that still smell good.
  • A really, really good penlight. I got mine from a friend in the military and I hang onto that thing like it is my life. I force the doctors to use a large flashlight if they loose theirs. Nobody is putting their paws on my penlight.
  • A damn good pen- another rarity in the medical field. Pen stealing is an art, and in my  hospital we aren’t allowed to have any pens with brand-names on them. Those are the best pens in the WORLD, so we all fight and steal for pens.
  • Grey’s Anatomy Reruns. They get me through a long week and a Grey’s hiatus.
  • Grey’s Anatomy textbook images. They are so freaking awesome. If I could, I would take a page out of the book and tattoo it on myself, my arm, my leg, my back.
  • Snarky doctor jokes. This weeks favorite: “Amputations are on sale, buy one, get one half off!”


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