Things I Love Thursday

It’s that time of the week again! Time for Things I LOVE Thursday!

I have a thing for Crazy Bright Eye shadows… wish I could pull this beautiful trend off!

I LOVE Rottweiler puppies! Makes me miss my puppy growing up. One day we will adopt one, until then, I’ll enjoy the photos!

Aside from the font, this is the tattoo I want to get next. Being someone who has struggled with depression and cutting, this would be a perfect reminder to be strong, even with the scars.

I would LOVE to know how to do this! If anyone can find a link on how to, please send it to me!

What do you love on this TILT?

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  1. For the nails it’s crackle nailpolish. I know you can get it on amazon or sallys. I’m not sue if walmart or target have it yet but you just paint it on your nails and in about a minute it’ll look crackled. It’s pretty awesome stuff!!! Katy Perry has her own line that’s beautiful!


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