Things I Want to Learn To Do: Cook

This is a blog series that I wanted to begin that I found to be quite inspirational for myself. It is inspirational because I had to take the time to decide what I wanted to do, then research it. This made me want to do it even more, and I wanted to blog about it.

Believe it or not, I can barely cook. What I can make is good, but I am scared to death of cooking and want to learn how to do it.

When I was in my early teens I was given a kid friendly cookbook. The recipes were all easy, rice krispies, sugar cookies, pizza on a ritz cracker, etc. I made them all, except for one, with ease. That one, was a kid-friendly-super-easy fudge recipe. I followed the recipe, made my mom double check my work…and somehow… I made ice cream.

Not kidding. Wish I was.

I was never taught how to cook. It was just expected of me to learn how to cook. I was taught simple things, how to cook a potato in the microwave, how to boil pasta, and how to make stir-fry from a bag. My parents didn’t really pay any attention to the fact that I was clueless in that department, and until I moved in with my husband, I didn’t realize how clueless I was either.

When it comes to cooking I come from a family where the cooks don’t know HOW they cook, they just do. I asked my Oma how to make her roladen, her potato dumplings, her red cabbage. She couldn’t tell me. When I’ve snuck over to holiday parties early so I could watch her do it, she had it done before I got there. As far as I know, she has a fairy make it all for her. My mother in law is fairly similar, she doesn’t measure ANYTHING when she makes it, so getting a recipe from her is like pulling teeth.

I see cooking as a science, and frankly, aside from the clinical aspects of medicine, I suck at science. Chemistry, Pharmacology, all of that scares me to death, and so does baking a cookie from scratch.

Since I got married I’ve tried a few times to get the hang of it, to try to make foods from scratch, but I really struggle with it. Somehow my beef stroganoff turned into a mushroom soup and ground beef patty (seriously, it was nasty), my homemade sugar cookies were bricks when I pulled them from the oven and I double checked my recipe three times (and googled it to make sure it was correct!). My poor husband has to put up with this trail and error- and the worst part is. I am going to try to learn to cook again instead of giving up and doing the “easy” dishes we have been doing for the last few months.

This is something I want to learn how to do: COOK.

(Also, bake, make homemade treats such as breads, candies, etc.)

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  1. Keep practising! I’m quite trial and error but as time has gone on it’s sort of clicked, I’m sure it will for you too 🙂 x Love your blog by the way!


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