5 Fantastic Local Shops

1. Cabin Fever – Trolley Square- SLC, UT
I found this store in the most unusual way. It was suggested to me by a nurse that I work with, a very elegant, classy woman. She suggested that I find a birthday gift for my in-law’s joint “death” party (my father in law was turning 50, my brother in law 30) there. We ventured down there and found the better version (and in some ways cleaner) of Spencer’s.

There are tons of funny gag gifts, hilarious cards and even the most unique gifts I have ever seen. We’ve purchased unusual things like bacon band-aids, Gray’s Anatomy vintage cards and even some of the “LOL” brand post it notes (I find them AWESOME!). They offer a wide variety of rubber ducks,  the Freudian magic 8 ball, action figures of lunch ladies and tofu men, and my personal favorite, the yodeling pickle.

2. Spoons ‘n’ Spice – SLC, UT
My mother LOVES this place and I did not discover it until recently. It is a very small store with so much packed into it! I could stay there for hours, but luckily go into this store with supervision so that I am not lost or do not choose to spend tons of cash. It is a baking and cooking goods store with tons of unique and adorable gifts!

They REALLY support Breast Cancer awareness month, so if you like pink go down there during October when nearly the whole store goes pink! Lots of the products’ proceeds go towards research and the cure, so it is definitely worth spending the money!

3. Dancing Cranes – SLC, UT
I am a fan of the New Age culture and beliefs. Not being one who totally believes in it myself, I do find it fascinating. This warehouse in SLC offers a wide variety of items from all different cultures, and very talented and educated employees who can explain all of it to you. I absolutely LOVE their jewelry selection, it is all hand-crafted, made with natural products and beautiful. They sell the most fun clothing I have ever seen in my life, made mostly out of all natural products, and those that aren’t, are made for belly dancing.

I love that their staff is so well educated, if you ever have any questions, you can simply ask them. They’ll let you know all about the items, where they were made, the culture who makes them, what they are made out of and what they signify. I absolutely love their store and could get lost there for HOURS.

4. Lotus – Draper, UT
Lotus is a lot like Dancing Cranes, but on the other end of the valley. Since they moved to Draper, their store is much bigger, brighter and easier to get to. I love their store and have been frequenting them for years. They have lots of gemstones, jewelry, books and totems from lots of Asian cultures. If you can’t make it to downtown Salt Lake, this is definitely an awesome alternative.

5. Skaggs – SLC, UT
This is a police supply store, so this isn’t a store I found, but that my husband found and drug me to. As an EMT and fan of Law Enforcement, I found this store to be really neat! They have everything that you’d ever need as an officer, or as a person who needs to be safe. They offer all sorts of uniforms, vests, reflectors, and coats. Their gun selection is awesome and they are really great about making sure you get everything you need for work or your protection. I worked with one of the guys at the desk when looking at a taser and was really impressed about their knowledge on each brand and what works best for genders.

If you or your spouse likes guns, ammo, or Law Enforcement, go check them out. They have the best supplies, they are great quality, plus the prices are fantastic. We bought almost all of my husbands supplies there for the police academy, and we visit often for my military friends.

* * *

What SLC Local Shops do you like? Any fun hidden stores I need to check out?

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