Thankful For . . . (Part 2)

I am thankful for a Spaghetti-O’s Thanksgiving this year.

Let me re-word that: I am really thankful I won’t be going to my parents’ home for Thanksgiving. (My mother in law does a really low-key and fun Thanksgiving the Sunday after so we don’t need to worry about scheduling).

In years past there was always the drama of getting everything made and done in time. Even if there were ten of us in my mothers kitchen, we’d never get it finished by the time the grandparents showed up. Then theres the battle of getting everyone seated and happy where they are at. With my parents side of the family, they love to hate each other, so we have to keep mein Oma and my Grandma as far as possible. My uncle cannot sit by my father. My mothers batshit crazy cousin cannot sit anywhere near me or my brother. It sucks.

Then there’s the diets… my father has Celiac, so gluten free only for him, my brother, uncle and my grandma are all Type 1 Diabetics, so low sugar for them, and my mom and aunts like to go as low fat as possible. People bringing dishes to help with the meal mostly goes for not and leaves me and my husband to eat those dishes alone.

Between dinner and dessert is when people start fighting. Mom is cranky that people aren’t helping her clean up the meal (even when she’s shooed four people offering to help out of her kitchen), Grandpa is snoring in the arm-chair and my Oma and Grandma are bitching over which of them is the better grandparent; dragging my brother and I into THAT mess. This is when my mom’s cousin will usually say something exceptionally stupid, causing an uproar of retorts from everyone else, and a huge family feud.

This year however, will be so much better!

This year my husband and I will wake up to watch the parade in our jammies, I’ll make pancakes and a big breakfast and we will watch football, holiday specials and enjoy our pajamas a little too much. Sure, I’ll make some of my moms famous snack dishes, such as her Thanksgiving Chex Mix (salty), her Pita Chips, and we will enjoy our Spaghetti-O’s for our dinner.

Seriously, who could ask for a better holiday than THAT?!

Plus, we aren’t really missing out on anything besides drama, because my mother-in-law is providing Turkey three days later!

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