A Day in My Life

0500 – Alarm – Eric Church – Love Your Love the Most

Fight morning sickness (Yes this far along, I still have morning nausea), jump into the shower and get ready for my day. Luckily my husband and I are on a very similar work schedule, so after he showers he packs our lunches while I do my hair and makeup.

0545 – Leave for Work –

My husband walks me to my car and I begin my commute into work. Due to construction, traffic and distance I have to leave at this time or I’d be late. I love to blare my music and drink my morning hot cocoa as I drive into work, it makes me feel just a little less crazy.

0620 – Arrive at Work  – Clock in

I work Pre-Op at a freestanding clinic. We have all the makings of an actual hospital unit, so we aren’t a clinic, but due to the lack of ER and Cardiology we aren’t a hospital. (It’s hard to explain.) I help our nurses prep the rooms and start prepping patients. Surgery starts at 8am every morning, and with some cases our patients arrive as early as 0630 am.

1000 – Morning Snack

Luckily I work with nurses, so they understand the need for me to take care of myself. They schedule me to have breaks and snacks, even if I am working at a desk at that moment. My husband packs Kiwis or Oranges in my lunchbox, and thats my morning snack. Love them!

1400 – Leave Work – Clock Out

Due to the fact that I don’t like to take lunch (thirty minutes off the floor can do alot of damage, so while the nurses take their turns taking lunches, I eat when I can and work til now) I am able to leave at this time. I love that I am able to do this because I can head home early and rest! Something that is very important for me to do lately since I am supposed to be on bedrest.

1430- Get home – Nap

My husband works alot of OT as well as a second job, so we go to bed quite late. This gives me the chance to get a power nap in before the evening starts.

1530 – Research for Website

I spend at least one hour a day on websites like Stumbleupon.com and research what other bloggers are doing. I take notes of the blog posts, styles, and themes they post and gain ideas on how I can put my personality on the things I love. Usually I will find something that I find fascinating and dive deep into research about it (theories on how the world ends, astrology, meanings behind various holidays, etc.).

1630 – Begin Dinner

At this point my husband is on his way home from work and so I begin dinner. Depending on the night and how prepared I was on Sunday when I should’ve done meal planning this could take some time. Some nights he comes home from work and will look at my frazzled state and laugh. On those nights he usually goes out and picks something up for us. (Best deal lately: take-n-bake pizzas!)

1900 – Nighttime Television – Cleaning – Researching

We have set chores daily. I do the laundry every day, just depending on what needs to be done. If I cook, husband does the dishes and so on and so forth. Having them split up and in small amounts to do daily makes it easy to keep up with the home. We spend anywhere from 15-30 minutes getting the house organized and cleaned up, husband will find something good on television and depending on the evening I may return to research on the blog or working on some DIY tutorials.

Lately I have been loving working on my card kit (circa 2009) from Creating Keepsakes. When I worked there, we got any damaged goods and so since the outer boxes got damaged, I got a couple of sets. I love them- they are super easy to make adorable cards! Also they are all very politically correct!

Also, we have been watching LOTS of soccer with the MLS cup playoffs going on. Also, Dancing with the Stars is a must-see in our home, and my husband and I both actively vote each week.

2100 – Attempt to go to bed

I say attempt because usually we will be finally sitting down to rest and our minds are still racing, so we talk, watch TV, play with our phones, etc.

2300 – FINALLY go to sleep

Le tired.

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